White Level


​​Wednesday Nights - 7:00 PM Youth Meeting
Sunday Mornings - 10:00 PM Youth Sunday School

Our Youth also hold two major fundraisers that contribute to funding many of their trips! Twice a year they, with the help and support of the church congregation, hold a major BBQ chicken plate supper that is consistently sold out every year as they cook, prepare and sale over 650 plates in the spring and in the fall. The money raised is used to assist them in going to events, mission trips and discipleship events throughout the year!!


Thank You to all of the volunteers and supporters for helping make the Spring chicken plate sale a success!

All proceeds will go towards Camp Caswell this summer. 

Summer 2019 Camp Caswell
WLBC Youth Group

In February of 2019, I heard God’s call for me to work with the
Youth at White Level Baptist Church. Reluctantly and afraid, I was
unsure why He asked me to do this task. For seven years, I taught first
through third grade Sunday School. The children that once made up my
Sunday School classroom were now in the Youth. I knew them, their
parents, friends and even some of their pets. God’s call was telling me
take a step out in faith beyond my ability but He assured me that my
gifts were sufficient. He would be there with me every step of the way
because He does not call us and then leave us.

The Youth have inspired me with their love for others and their
love for Jesus. Their pure faith in Him, has enlighten my heart. I know
that God’s spirit is present with me in the classroom because of them.
They have truly helped me, while God has enabled me to help them.
I’m so blessed to have a group of kids that I think of as my own
children, to share the knowledge of God’s word, His love for us and
Jesus Christ.

My goal is to guide the Youth towards a better understanding of
the gospel and teach them the five purposes of a Jesus driven church
which are worship, ministry, fellowship, discipleship and evangelism.
With God’s help, I hope to help the Youth grow spiritually and
physically in their everyday walk with Christ. God created this Youth
group for a purpose and I truly believe He has amazing plans for their

-Tori Dickens